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Disabled Rights Activist's Group - Together We CAN Make a Difference!




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We are a club/group at Yahoo which is dedicated to getting the message out that the needs of the disabled are not being fully recognized everywhere and to help them become more fully integrated into society to improve their quality of life.

Through the internet we use links, resources, advocacy sites, to raise awareness of the general population as well as attempting to assist the disabled with any specific problems they may experience in daily life.

We welcome both disabled and non-disabled to join our club. You don't have to be disabled to take an interest in disability rights.

The Disabled Rights Activist's  group is where we do most of our daily interaction through club postings and regularly scheduled chats (currently at 8:00pm e.s.t every Sunday). To participate you will need a FREE yahoo ID. We welcome your input and hope to see you there soon!

Kerry and  Odie